SBC Global Consulting, LLC


SBC Global Consulting, LLC is a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in Lean Management and Process Improvement. We serve private and public sectors to maximize productivity, reduce waste and costs. We are a certified (SDVOSB), (MBE), (DBE) company with the State and federally with the (VA). Our core services are: • Management Consulting • Administrative and General Management Consulting • Human Resource Consulting • Process Improvement Consulting • Lean Consulting • Organizational Development and Change • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion • Change Management 541611: Administrative Management & General Management Consulting 541614: Process & Logistics Consulting 541618: Other Management Consulting 541612: Human Resources Consulting 541690: Other Scientific & Technical Consulting 541720: Business Research & Development WA State Commodity Codes: 958-16 Business Management 924-16 Course Development 918-75 Management Consulting 918-79 Minority Business Consulting 918-83 Organizational Dev Consulting All Certifications: • Veteran-owned business in the State of Washington • Minority-owned business
Point of Contact
Dr. Sterling K. Carter Cell phone: 360-784-4288 Email: