Le Dernier Refuge Film: the Debate

Africa Europe WeekFilm Screening


NOTE: The film is already available and can be watched as "Video on Demand". The debate will take place live.

On the border of the Mali-Algeria desert, in the middle of the Sahel, a house stands as the only point of fall and reconstruction for many migrants on their way to Europe, or on the difficult return. But is there a life for the repressed who turn around and return to the country?

Director's Note

Making this film about immigration is a great intention realized. Since my beginnings as a director, I had always dreamed of making a film in this direction and today has been allowed. Making this film changed my appreciation of immigration a lot, the family's responsibility for leaving, but also the difficulty of returning when you leave. Like many others, I believed when we leave and do not come back it was rather the fear of finding the misery that we had left behind but I understood through this film that the majority of those who do not come back are more afraid of facing failure. This film is also for me a way to salute the memory of my uncle who has remained without news for decades, but also to express all these missing people through testimonies.

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