CSO Session 3: From local to global: African EU cooperation to tackle the interlinked climate, health and biodiversity crises

Equitable Green PartnershipAfrica Europe Week


This session will explore how the EU Africa partnership should support African countries to implement ambitious and just climate and biodiversity actions and lead to stronger alliances for success at the international negotiations on climate, health, and biodiversity. It will cover COP15 in China, COP27 in Africa, financing, and addressing climate and biodiversity loss impacts on health. It will also highlight the role of CSOs, Indigenous Peoples and local communities for stakeholder participation and governance.

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African Womens Communication and Development Network (FEMNET)CAN EuropeRed Cross EUWCS EU
Theme description
This theme looks at a more equitable approach to inclusive and just climate, biodiversity and energy cooperation, to tackle the climate, biodiversity and inequalities crises from local to global level. The session ‘From Local to Global Green Action’ will explore international cooperation, looking at how stronger alliance between the EU and AU, underpinned by increased climate and biodiversity financing and ambition, and support for local level action, can support success at the Convention on Biodiversity and at COP27 in Africa. The second session “What does a Just and inclusive Green transition looks like” will explore action from local level up on just and green transition, and support for CSOs, including Women Rights Organizations, women and girls, informal and small actors, including 100% renewable energy access targeting the poorest communities, just transition out of fossil fuels, and supporting employment in circular economy and nature protection and restoration.