LAFAAAC was created out of one belief: training in the field of cultural and creative industries is a powerful lever for development in African countries.

Since 2017, LAFAAAC has been developing a training offer for African (neo) professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives for jobs in the cultural and creative industries (starting with the audiovisual and film industry, radio, book publishing, music and fashion), using digital tools and innovative pedagogical approaches, which combine digital, remote and classroom learning.

We combine the best schools in Europe and Africa (partnerships with La Fémis, EMIC, ESMOD, the Virtual University of Senegal, ISMA in Benin, ESTAD in Cameroon...) and the professional expertise of major partners (such as the Wazobia group in Nigeria, or the France Médias Monde group).

Our training courses are primarily conducted via a mobile application, as it is the number one tool for reaching a large audience. These trainings are in blended learning, associating online contents, tutorials animated through virtual classrooms, and finally, if needed, face-to-face practical workshops, provided by our different partners from Africa and Europe.

LAFAAAC is a private structure, operating in the field of Social Economy, with an innovative, inclusive and sustainable business model: the trainings are either pre-purchased by funding agencies targeting specific populations, or paid and aiming at a large market with inclusive prices.

We have a double ambition:

1/ To contribute to the structuring of the cultural industries in Africa.

2/ To contribute to modernizing the way people learn and train, and to make quality training more accessible.

Two examples of LAFAAAC's structuring projects:

  1. In 2021, LAFAAAC produced, in partnership with La Fémis, and with the media group Wazobia (leader in TV and radio publishing in Nigeria), a training course in series scriptwriting (a very strong need in Nollywood), composed of 8 hours of training on mobile, and a training program in virtual class and face-to-face for a selection of learners. This training was attended by nearly 400 neo scriptwriters in Nigeria.
  2. Since 2020, LAFAAAC has also been working to produce a training program for 3000 job seekers in Edo State (Nigeria), centered around 3 courses: Entrepreneurship in culture, Fundamentals of directing and post-production, and Entrepreneurship in music; and composed of mobile training, virtual classrooms and face-to-face workshops.

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