Credipple in partnership with The Goethe-Institut



Credipple is a marketplace for trusted creative and digital services.

Credipple bridges the gap between clients and professionals through an online marketplace for creative and digital services, to make it easier for trustworthy work to be done.

As a mission driven start up Credipple wants to help more professionals and small businesses access and succeed in the global online economy, giving professionals and small businesses the opportunity to earn more income.

As a B2B marketplace our goal is to help business sectors engage and work with professionals and small businesses in cultural and creative industries.

Through our learning and development initiatives we partner with ecosystem stakeholders to implement programs with a focus on online/remote work readiness. The aim is to help new entrants successfully enter the online job market by helping them grow their professional credibility and access online and remote work opportunities in the global online economy. (#HackUrCulture)

Credipple and the Goethe-Institut have partnered on a variety of projects championing the development of cultural and creative industries.

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.

These partnerships have resulted in the following projects:

  • Data Gaps Report in cultural and creative industries with a focus on Animation, Gaming and Illustration (2020)
  • #HackUrCulture (2020)
  • #HackUrCulture Lekgotla (2021)

Credipple is looking to develop further partnerships with businesses and organisations with a focus on supporting and empowering professionals and small businesses in the cultural and creative industries with access to market opportunities, learning and development programs.

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