New SPF-meter HDRS


The number and quality of topical applied SPF products has improved considerably over the past three decades. Our skin is the best substrate for SPF-measurement but measuring transmission in vivo is not possible. C+K´s new approach: SPF determination via hybrid diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (HDRS). Advantages: • Non-invasive technology – more ethical • Low effective UV-dose < 1/5 MED with UVB • Extremely low UV-Dose for HDRS < 1/50 MED without UVB • Compact, easy-to handle • Adjustable LED spectrum • Simple and safe application with convenient user software • SPF determination using additional in vitro spectrum (Hybrid) • Extremely time saving: about 1 hour (compared to 24h for ISO 24444) • Cost-saving
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Microcaya is the Spanish distributor of Courage+Khazaka, the world leader manufacturer of skin and hair analyzers for efficacy testing of cosmetic products and as an effective point of sale marketing tools. Their devices cover the whole range of skin parameters: Moisture, Sebum, Elasticity, Melanin/Erythema, Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL), pH, Colour, Topography, Descamation, Temperature, Gloss…