Bicohair® Scalp Equilibrium​


Dandruff is a scalp condition suffered by upwards of half of the adult population regardless of gender. The cause of dandruff involves many factors, however, the increase in the sebum production and the stratum corneum integrity plays an important role to modify the scalp microbiome and develop dandruff symptoms. Bicohair® Scalp was designed to regulate the overproduction of sebum to equilibrate the microbiome and to restore the barrier function. Bicohair® Scalp target delivers sebostatic, anti-inflammatory and postbiotic molecules through the bicosome® technology to equilibrate the scalp environment. The efficacy studies performed with Bicohair® Scalp show its capacities to reduce oily scalp and dandruff, to improve the microbiome and restore barrier function.
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Bicosome is a science-based company that develops and commercialises advanced skin and hair care ingredients using a proprietary delivery system. Bicosome technology is a skin delivery system that introduces an innovative interaction strategy with the cutaneous tissue that allows delivering the active ingredients in specific layers of the skin. Our developments seek to offer the most effective, natural based, exclusive and complete solutions for the cosmetic industry.