Eco-Energy Generation System to Enhance the Penetration of Active Ingredients in Cosmetics


Recent trends in the international Cosmetics market point towards a proliferation of dermocosmetic applications and therapies that use controlled energy to improve their benefits and cosmetics results: drug delivery, iontophoresis, thermotherapy, ... Currently, this new line of cosmetic therapies is based on external professional devices and can only be applied in beauty salons. The innovative Fuelium eco-technology is currently applied to Skin Patches for the Korean Cosmetic market. It offers a unique combination of high-power density (16 mAh/cm2), lightness (far below 1g), safety and adaptability to specific application needs. This allows the use of demanding high-power cosmetic and therapeutic applications at home.
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Skin Care
More information about the innovation
FUELIUM is fully focused on developing environmentally friendly energy production processes. FUELIUM's patented power generation system is made of paper, cotton, textile or other natural materials and minimal quantities of non-toxic, safe and abundant materials. The system is fully adaptable and customizable. It ensures optimal performance for the life cycle of each device or application.