CDS - Progressive Corneum Delivery System


The CDS system (Corneum Delivery System) has been specifically developed to progressively deliver cosmetic actives in the most superficial layers of the skin: The stratum corneum. Most of the hydroxy acids used in cosmetics lose part of their effectiveness due to the pH of the final cosmetic product. The pH range commonly used in cosmetic products degrades up to 98% of hydroxy acids, reducing their effectiveness. Encapsulation in our CDS system maintains the optimal pH of hydroxy acids (close to pH 3) reducing dissociation from 97.9% to 12.8%, which means having 6.6 times more of the active molecule while it is progressively released to enhance its effectiveness.
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More information about the innovation
INdermal is the cosmetics division of Nanovex Biotechnologies, a BIOTECHNOLOGICAL COMPANY focused on DRUG DELIVERY systems. We have adapted our technology FROM MEDICINE TO COSMETICS, creating systems capable of protecting and delivering actives to the target (epidermis, corneal layer, hair and follicles). Our technology enhances the effectiveness of the actives, which makes it ideal for the development of high quality and efficient cosmetic products.