The Zense Box


THE INTERIOR PACKAGING: Mexican Nopal/Coffe skin & paper. With cacti, we are going to replace plastics; using them to make bioplastics that reduce environmental pollution. Today we are actively collaborating in Latin America with various Solopreneurs and researchers. 100% Biodegradable PLA Polylactic Acid Fiber Reinforced Coffee Beans Plastic Resin PLA/Pba Spirit of Nopal/ Coffee will replace all plastic , PLC bags and papers in the K-Bonita Box in the future 2023. THE BOX: SEEDS AND CORN PLA (polylactic acid), created from the fermentation of corn, wheat or tomato skin. "Compostable" degraded by the action of organisms. "Biodegradable" is one that can be decomposed into natural chemical elements. grow flowers Celesta, Calendula, Acanthus and Cosmos waiting for you. THE EXPERIENCE: ODOTYPES Diffuser Stone, scents rose, lavender & ocean. A small "aromatic" object that absorbs moisture through the pores on the surface and regulates the internal and external K BONITA Box humidity to achieve the effect of fragrance diffusion.
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Design Thinking Sweden (DTSE) develops solutions inspired by the needs of real people; working with companies (I+D) to update their brands and design their packaging to make their customers happy. It provides the best packaging experience focused on harmony and sustainability. DTSE is working with Public Institutions in Mexico to stablish the “K-beauty Belt in México 2023” and trying to develop an international market in a METAVERSE World.