Innovation in Reverse Logistics


New Traceability Technology's for E-commerce returns handling. Cosmetic companies usually print batch number and expiration date in alphanumeric characters to allow them to be read by consumers. When they have a return, to keep traceability of the product, that is mandatory in cosmetics, they type this data manually. This typing operation is slow, expensive, and produces mistakes. The boom in online sales advises to rethink this unreliable operation. Our Quick OCR Station allows to read alphanumeric batch number and expiry date at the same speed as a bar code. Improve quality and speed in your ecommerce returns handling with our quick OCR station.
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JMR Pharma is a company focused on logistics created in 2011. We provide, assessment & training in logistics. Our solutions apply to all the logistics operations: cosmetics’ IMPORTATION, SAMPLES’ storage, secondary CONDITIONING, controlled TEMPERATURE storage, order PICKING, E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS & RETURNS HANDLING. If you have a problem, we can create a SOLUTION and HELP you to IMPLEMENT it.