A Sustainable Commitment: Phytosqualan


PHYTOSQUALAN® is an upcycled vegetable natural squalane, obtained from the olive and certified by 13C/12C isotope analysis. This colourless and odourless oil is known as an active emollient, with higlhy moisturizing properties and a non-greasy touch. However, Naturality is not only about natural ingredients, but it has also become a real concern about sustainable sourcing, green processes, the biodegradability of cosmetic ingredients, etc. To help provide greener formulas, we chose a circular economy approach to produce Phytosqualan: • Raw material: Squalene is extracted from by-products of the olive oil industry. • Process: Follows green chemistry principles. • End of life: Phytosqualan is biodegradable. Now is the time to build the future of cosmetics. Olive Squalane is the ingredient that allows formulators, to guarantee clean and green sourcing to consumers, while offering efficient moisturizing and comfort through their formula.
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DISTRIBUTIES is a family-owned business created in Switzerland in 2018, located also in Barcelona, specialized in the distribution of plant origin ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Our core business is based on the search for innovative ingredients, made from renewable raw materials that respect the planet, to offer to our customers natural and sustainable alternatives for the development of their formulas.