Farewell Serums: an Innovative Approach to Clean Beauty Incorporating the Latest Beauty Trends in the Market


Croma farewellTM Based on the latest trends in the cosmetic market, Croma-Pharma has developed a new range of skincare serums based on four central pillars of product development: Hyaluronic Acid: Croma-Pharma is one of the leading experts in HA manufacturing. Based on this expertise, all formulations contain a mixture of HMW & LMW pharma-grade HA. Scientifically validated ingredients: All ingredients are based on scientific data and latest findings to achieve the most effective results. Clean beauty & Vegan:does not contain any harmful ingredients. Products are produced cruelty-free and do not contain animal derived ingredients. Made in Austria: Our products are developed and produced in Austria. Wood is sourced from a local producer.
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More information about the innovation
Croma-Pharma GmbH is an Austrian family-owned company based in Leobendorf, north of Vienna. The company specializes in the industrial production of hyaluronic acid syringes and is one of the world’s leading experts in this field. After selling the ophthalmic and orthopaedic business in 2014, Croma is solely focusing on minimally aesthetic medicine and innovative pharma-grade cosmetics.