Recyclable Mono-Material Doypack with Cap


The mono-material doypack (or stand-up pouch with spout) is a full PE recyclable retail product with a capacity from 30 to 250mls and the possibility to have cap. At Sampling Innovations we have developed a specific technology that allows to effectively seal two pieces with different textures: a hard cap with a flexible pouch. The seal has been achieved by using a PE cap together with a PE doypack. The main advantage of the mono-material cap is that it allows to dose a product as needed, and to close and preserve it. The pouch has a main capacity of 30-250 mls, which allows it to be a recyclable solution for a wide range of cosmetic products.
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With nearly 30 years of experience, Sampling Innovations Europe is an experienced company in the design and production of samples, gift packs, single-doses and automatic dispensing systems for cosmetics, perfumery and personal care products. We are experts in developing profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions for all kinds of campaigns, always taking into consideration the client’s brand, product, target audience and budget.