Cacay Oil, The Newest Natural Ingredient of Cosmetic and Dermatologic Interest


Cacay Oil, created by nature, supported by science. Cacay Oil, has the highest content of Linoleic Acid, Vitamin A, E and F, compared with other vegetal oils. Extracted purely from the Fruit of Cacay Tree in the Amazon region of Colombia, Cacay Oil has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are driving into dermatologic and cosmetic interest, for reducing Psoriasis and Dermatitis on patients, inhibiting the growth of different types of bacteria, increasing on skin 23% hydration, 18% firmness, 14% smoothness, 10% elasticity and reducing 20% of wrinkles (based on tests). It is an innovative, organic and cruelty free raw material that also impacts positively in the reforestation of the Amazon, with the help of ethnic groups of the zone.
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More information about the innovation
We are a company that produces and commercializes natural active ingredients and finished products of cosmetic and dermocosmetic interest, focused mainly on skin health (anti-aging, cell regeneration, hydration, skin recovery, pathologies, among others). We are also producers of Cacay Oil and CBD products. All our portfolio is natural and free of animal cruelty.