Smart Capsules


EMISSARY develops cosmetic ingredients based on a patented technology combining two effects: maximum accuracy, through the fast release of the active ingredients once the capsule is activated and higher effectiveness of the active ingredient, thanks to the modulated activation in response to the different skin conditions. Two models are currently available: pH sensitive capsules and enzyme responsive capsules. The capsules allow the precious active ingredients to be better protected and to reach deeper layer of the epidermis that the active cannot get to, while the pH- and enzyme-responsiveness ensure that the activity is precisely targeted to where the skin needs it most. After the release nanocapsules loses its structure completely, thereby being biomimicking and without concerns for toxicity.
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More information about the innovation
EMISSARY COSMETICS is a global cosmetic company born in 2018 and based in Donostia (Spain). EMISSARY develops cosmetic ingredients using its patented smart nano-encapsulation technology based in polypeptides. Emissary Cosmetics is focused on the development of proprietary and third parties´ smart encapsulation technologies for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, development of the services and product in this field and as a manufacturer of active ingredients.