Innovative continuous production technologies to meet challenging demands of the market


One of the main topics the whole industry demands is Make To Order, produce as quick as possible without stocks in the warehouses. The current manufacturing process is limited to a certain batch size. In most cases, this fact does not fit the customers’ quantity demands in their orders, which may cause an overproduction that means an increase in costs. Shall we think in a different way of manufacturing? Is it interesting just to produce according to the real needs? Have you ever thought about inline production? Could we customize the final product according to the customers’ requirements? Processing in a continuous way is a good solution to manufacture on time without limiting the production quantity. NETZSCH presents the inline homogenizer LambdaVita CONTI, a new way to manufacture by feeding different liquid and powder raw materials to a final homogenizer. This modular continuous feeding system allows elaborating final personal care products in just one single step. A complete new way to produce personal care products is possible, giving flexibility and saving costs in customized stocks!
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