The trend for natural, eco-designed cosmetic products in original sustainable formats has led to the development of solid, nomadic cosmetics with the main claim "No WasteWater". TechNature has developed innovative application solutions, new textures, new galenic products unprecedented and surprising products that generate a unique sensoriality of comfort and softness, using the necessary dose of product, contributing to sustainability: • Melting Patch: new portable and practical patch in a small size that concentrates the efficiency your hands need. • Manicure care effervescent powder: effervescent exfoliating treatment. • Evolutionary powder: powdered product that turns into a cream when handled. • Anhydrous shampoo & Hair conditioner: To rehydrate & Direct use • Mask stick • Shaker mask: do it yourself in 1 minute
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Inquiaroma is a Distribution Company of Specialties, Active Ingredients & Natural Products supplying the cosmetic market. With more than 50 years of experience in the world of cosmetic actives, we can offer our expertise besides the product, give ideas and solutions from our application laboratory to attend the customer’s needs. Furthermore, we provide scientific and technical support.