The Importance of a Real Synergy between Different Entities when Developing Hyaluronic Acid Formulations


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring polysaccharide present in our joints, cartilages and skin. HA is a powerful moisturizer, thanks to its ability to attract and retain water molecules. In skin care products the moistening effect of HA improves the skin’s appearance, helps restoring hydration of the skin, fills wrinkles and expression lines, decreases the appearance of pores, providing a more radiant and youthful looking. Continuous innovation in the formulations of creams, serums or injectables, to boost the beneficial effects of HA, such as antiaging or skin hydration and elasticity, demands innovative process technologies capable of producing the wished finished products. In addition, the key importance of tight collaboration between different companies & disciplines: formulation, process engineering and machine construction by the hand of NETZSCH, as an innovative approach to understand and jointly solve the intrinsic problems for the production and launch of a new product in shorter time.
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At NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing we design and manufacture equipment and complete lines for the production of cosmetic and personal care products. We are part of the NETZSCH group, founded in Germany in 1873. The technical competence and quality of our machines are proven by our long experience, continuous developments, as well as more than 100 patents developed.