3D Product Customization


In Envaselia we boost the product customization thats is why we implement a new 3D customization tool to design final Packaging based in our customer needs, customizing all the specifications possible in a product. You can get it in few simple steps. First of all, enter in our web page www.envaselia.com and select the 3d Configurator. Select the specifications: diameter, capacity, cap type, and add your artwork. Finally fill the contact form to receive the arts generated. In short, a tool that brings both the trends and the innovations of an increasigly changing market, seeking maximun satisfaction with our service and product.
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More information about the innovation
Envaselia offers integral plastic packaging solutions for the Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Food and Detergency market. Our catalogue stands out for its wide range of products such us: tubes, caps, bottles, jars, airless, pumps, among other closing systems, offering a stock service with deliveries in 24 – 48 hours. Envaselia is leading the way in innovation, guarantee and quality with all the current certifications available satisfying our customer needs.