AEVA-HE V4, the Universal 3D Solution with Automatic High Resolution Operation for in vivo Cosmetic Analysis


Based on a patented fringe projection unit combined with stereovision, the AEVA-HE system offers best performances and flexibility to address different parameters from wrinkles reduction to body reshaping. It offers pixel resolution X,Y, high accuracy in Z, being less sensitive to movement. It is designed to evaluate efficacy for cosmetics, aesthetical and dermatology products. The panelists are installed on the VisioHOP (body bench) or VisioTOP-500 (face bench) for stable and repeatable positioning and re-positioning between different timepoints. Getting reliable and repeatable results becomes much easier. Advantages vs other equipments: - Automatic ROI selection (no hand-manipulation). - Flexible system (local to global analysis). - All-in-one system with multiple biomarkers to analyze. - High performance, robust and reproducible.
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Dermaclaim is a dermocosmetic testing laboratory focused on the study of the skin and the analysis of cosmetic and nutraceutical products, through in vitro and clinical tests. The R&D bioassays conducted by Dermaclaim allow clients to demonstrate the functionality of their end-products and active ingredients, scientifically supporting the claims, increasing the added value vs competitors, as well as ensuring compliance with established regulations.