AromaSpace is a technology which combines headspace analysis with perfumers’ creativity and expertise. This fusion of skills enables CPL’s team to produce beautiful, true-to-nature fragrances and recreate odours from all around the world without destroying their source, a very important element that allows us to classify this technology as sustainable and environmentally responsible. From the headspace analysis, GC-MS analysts produce a detailed chemical composition. This skeleton formulation is compounded and adjusted to recreate the odour of the plant or other source. CPL Aromas has been doing it since the 1990s. But now the company is bringing the technology one step further, by combining it with its Perfumers’ expertise to create a unique set of perfume bases.
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CPL Aromas is the world's leading international, fragrance-only fragrance house, with 18 sites throughout the world. Employing 600 people globally, the company produces fragrance concentrates suitable for fine fragrances, personal care products and household applications. CPL Aromas has sites in the UK, USA, France, Dubai, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Colombia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and Spain. Learn more at and our two accounts on Instagram @cpl_aromas and @cpl_aromas_visionary.