Neofin® Hair


Neofin® Hair is a self-emulsifying quaternary conditioning agent, to which vegetable butters and oils have been added. It can be used in skin and hair formulations. - In hair, it provides easy detangling and excellent wet combability, reduces frizz, helps to protect colour, prevent hair loss and achieve perfect conditioning without build-up effect. - On the skin, it provides hydration, regeneration, emolliency, anti-free radical prevention and a pleasant softness. NEOFIN® HAIR can be used in the formulation of leave-on conditioners, rinse-off conditioners, detangling creams, hair dyes, creams, body milks and hair straighteners. Its active ingredients include vitamins A, C, D, E and group B; trace elements (Fe, K, Ca, Mg), phytosterols, essential fatty acids, squalene and polyphenols.
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Chemir S.A. is a Spanish company founded in 1983 specialised in producing and distributing raw materials for the cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical sector. CHEMIR S.A. has managed to consolidate its position in the sector and has gone from being a small family business to supplying products globally, combining cutting-edge active ingredients with traditional products. The company's main mission is to offer a safe and efficient service, responsible with people.