Capsisilence®: Scalp Improvement with Neurocosmetics


Scalp is one of the most sensitive regions of the body. Different internal and external factors like pollution, hairdressing treatments or stress can irritate the scalp. To improve scalp care, we have designed Capsisilence®, an advanced neurocosmetic ingredient: • Capsisilence® decreases neuronal hyperexcitation, reducing 20.1% of stinging grade in volunteers using Capsisilence®, preventing the initiation of the itching sensation. • Capsisilence® improves irritated scalp irritation by reducing the release of proinflammatory mediators by the immune cells in the skin, decreasing 65% of scalp redness. • Capsisilence® also increases the expression of structural integrity molecules of skin barrier, protecting from desquamation, and delaying dandruff reappearance. Capsisilence® acts from the inside to improve scalp quality and comfort.
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AntalGenics is a Biotech company focused on the discovery and development of innovative molecules in the field of Sensory Neurobiology with cosmetic applications.