Leaders' session: Leadership in times of crisis perspectives from global health leaders

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Leaders' session


Session organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) (Switzerland) in partnership with MSD (United States)

Chaired by: Nick Grant, Executive Director, Strategy & Philanthropy, Cancer Research UK


With the world swept by multiple crises, the strategic outlook and operating landscape for organisations working to tackle some of the most complex global health challenges has grown increasingly uncertain, as lives, health systems and economies are thrown into upheaval.

Times of crisis are a litmus test for leadership, as leaders are called on to make decisions in unprecedented circumstances, with little or no reference points from past experience to guide them. With the world becoming more complex, volatile and uncertain every day, high-stakes decision-making and crisis management are fast becoming critical tools in the arsenal of every leader.

In this illuminating session, a panel of global health leaders share their experiences of leading through crisis and discuss the principles and approaches that have helped them steer their organisations and advance their causes in today’s fast-changing world.

This session will exclusively be accessible to WCC leaders.

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