Leaders' session: Global health governance and solidarity in an age of geopolitical fragmentation

Plenary C
Leaders' session


Session organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) (Switzerland), in partnership with the Global Health Centre at the Geneva Graduate Institute and the International Geneva Global Health Platform (Switzerland) Chaired by: Hannah Vaughan Jones


The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that no country acting alone can respond effectively to health threats in a globalised world. Global governance and coordinated collective action are necessary to deal with health challenges that recognise no borders. Yet, COVID-19 also revealed deep fissures in the current global health architecture, with international cooperation often confronted by growing nationalist trends. As these tendencies towards fragmentation and isolation are exacerbated by recent geopolitical crises, how can global health solidarity be realised in an age of growing populist nationalism and polarisation? In this thought-provoking session, leaders in global cancer control will be invited to reflect on the limitations of the current global health landscape and to reimagine it within the backdrop of today’s geopolitical fragmentation.

This session will exclusively be accessible to WCC leaders.

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