Leaders' session: A vision for the future of health and implications for cancer control organisations

Plenary B
Leaders' session


Session organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) (Switzerland), in partnership with Deloitte (Switzerland)

Chaired by: Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer, UICC (Switzerland)


COVID-19 has revealed how vulnerable the health care sector is to change and its need for structural and technological transformation. Across the spectrum of health care delivery, product supply chains, health information systems, R&D, policy, financing… not one area of the health care system was untouched by disruption. In turn, this has created opportunities to reimagine the traditional paradigms of health and open possibilities for new models that can better serve patients and society in the future. Drawing on recent research and insights on the future of health and cancer care, this session will highlight key forces driving transformation in health care and we will discuss how these forces will impact health system models and redefine the roles of today’s traditional health and cancer care actors in the near-term. 

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