Cryptid Coffeehouse



everyone's heard of mothman– the big, scary, feathery moth creature that haunts around the outskirts of point pleasant, west virginia– but no one's ever heard of it like this! in some random idyllic midwestern town, you meet artemis (aka mothman) at your favorite coffee shop and begin an agonizingly slow burn romance with them.


  • go around town, explore different locations, and meet sexy human versions of all your favorite cryptids and fantasy creatures
  • custom pronoun options that allow you to use multiple pronoun sets as well as input your own neopronouns
  • have the freedom and ability to say no to anything without it negatively impacting the characters' view of you or the story itself, creating a comfortable and welcoming experience
  • see your relationship with artemis grow and progress over the course of ten weeks and get to choose what kind of physical contact you have with them
  • about 88,000 words and 3-5 hours of playtime
  • i'll be real, it's a lot of pointing and clicking and reading but it's fun! it's a queer slow burn coffee shop au like what's not to love!!!!!

cryptid coffeehouse is a very casual, slice-of-life type of game about living in the midwest, meeting new people, and developing feelings for someone. it's a game about relationships and the importance of consent, permission, and respect in those relationships, especially relationships that are between stages. and, as corny as it sounds, it's a game about being yourself.

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