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1000 Deaths is a third-person, 3D adventure platformer about confronting your interpersonal conflicts and the effects of TV and media on the human psyche. Play through several short and fast-paced episodes to discover wildly different endings with each playthrough. Switch between perspectives from a pool of eclectic characters, making difficult decisions that you’ll take with you to the grave.


  • Director, Lead Programmer/Designer: Prashast Thapan
  • Producers: Lillyan Ling, Prashast Thapan
  • Narrative Designer: Sisi Jiang
  • Writers: Emily Koonce, Sam Leigh
  • Game Developer: Leo Takashi Dold
  • Level Designer: Blake Andrews
  • 3D Artists: Eva Khoury, Gus Boehling, Terrell Davis, Roy Vichaidit, Prashast Thapan
  • Concept Artist: Improper Design + Animation
  • Cover Artist: Aditya Dutta
  • Composer: RaFia Santana, Lillyan Ling
  • Sound Designer: Josie Brechner

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