SEED 1dayPure moisture


Available in packs of 32, the SEED 1dayPure moisture utilises “Alginic Acid”, attracting moisture to the patients’ eyes and retaining tears on the surface of the lens, ensuring superb all-day comfort. Water Content: 58% Base Curve: 8.80mm Diameter: 14.20mm Power: +8.00D ~ +5.50D (0.50D steps) +5.00D ~ +0.50D (0.25D steps) +/-0.00D -0.50D ~ -6.00D (0.25D steps) -6.50D ~ -16.00D (0.50D steps) Center Thickness: 0.07mm (at -3.00D) Lens Mark: 2 markers as “1Pure2” & “880”