Hi-Vision LongLife


Hi-Vision LongLife is HOYA’s most durable anti-reflection. We are so confident you will be impressed with the quality of Hi-Vision LongLife that it comes with a 3 year no quibble guarantee. The quality and durability of a lens is largely determined by its coating. Anti- reflection lens coating provide a seamless combination of various layers to guarantee a durable adhesion, while a perfect anti-reflection coating also offer optimal scratch resistance, visual comfort and crystal clear vision; all of which are features inherent to Hi-Vision LongLife. FEATURES Anti-reflective - Reflections can be very annoying for spectacle wearers, and those around them. Hi-Vision LongLife ensures a light transmission of almost 99%, providing more comfortable vision and an elegant look. Scratch resistant - Scratches are one of the top irritations for spectacle wearers. Hi-Vision LongLife offers the best scratch resistance within the HOYA coatings portfolio. Water repellent - Water drops on spectacle lenses can make it very difficult to see clearly. Hi-Vision LongLife has a water contact angle of 107.50 degrees, and in combination with its improved hydrophobic layer, which provides a smooth surface, it is virtually impossible for water drops to settle on the lens surface. Anti-static - It’s a well known fact that spectacle lenses attract dust, especially after cleaning. Hi-Vision LongLife has an anti-static layer which prevents dust from adhering to the lens surface. Dirt repellent - Spectacle wearers clean their lenses an average of ten times a day. Hi-Vision LongLife is dirt repellent and easy to clean. Grease and dirt are removed in just a few wipes providing optimal transparency, even after long-term use and intensive cleaning.