Sync III


HOYA Sync III enhanced single vision lenses have the distance power for everyday use and a ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens, optimised for the way patients use their eyes today. The boost zone slightly increases lens power, which helps to relax the eye muscles and focus more easily, relieving eye strain and enhancing visual comfort during up-close activities in a digital world. Features – Optimised lens designs for digital device usage; helps to relax the eye muscles and focus more easily – Extra accommodation support for a viewing distance of 20cm and closer – Binocular performance evaluation of the lenses in real life circumstances – Design optimisation with calculated variable inset, based on mono CD and individual wearing parameters Benefits for you – Proven satisfaction rate of 94.7% among wearers of HOYA accommodative support lenses3 – A new single vision lens solution to offer to the wide target audience of digital device users – A great opportunity to distinguish yourself in the over-commoditised single vision lens space – Sync iSelect app for a quick and easy lens recommendation 1) CaptainCook Research. Digital behaviour and digital eye strain. Hoya, April 2017, the Netherlands and USA 2) Ang C., Dinevski D., Vlasak N., Kok A. Taking the strain. Optician. 05/2017, vol. 253, no. 6600, p. 25-28. 3) Gosling T. Helping relieve new visual demands. Optician. 06/2017, vol. 253, no. 6605, p. 23-24