Eye-light, Dry Eye treatment


Eye-light® is superior to other IPL treatments in that it treats both upper and lower meibomian glands. As well as treating dry eye disease caused by MGD - the leading cause of DED, refractive and cataract surgery and other frequent pathologies, such as chalazion, styes, blepharitis, post-blepharoplasty and demodex are effectively treated. The Eye-light suite of products use low-level light therapy or LLLT, this patented photobiomodulation technology stimulates a cell’s mitochondria for better energy production and triggers biochemical and biophysical reactions improving protein synthesis. Due to the light emission of the LED matrix, the tear lipid layer is increased and stabilised. The Eye-light treatment is totally automated and consists of just 5 painless light shots (OPE/IPL) around the eye and on the inferior eyelid inducing increased blood flow by contracting the blood vessels, and it improves the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Followed by 15 minutes with My-Mask