Thealoz® Duo Unit Dose


Thealoz® Duo Dry Eye drops are suitable for all Dry Eye sufferers looking for the latest drop. They contain a unique combination of ingredients (trehalose plus sodium hyaluronate) that deliver long-lasting symptom relief* and protection for the surface of the eye.  Clinically proven formula that increases the thickness of the tear film for up to 4 hours** and which relieves common symptoms of Dry Eye*  Preservative free  Suitable for contact lens wearers  The 30 unit dose pack includes 6 sachets of 5 unit doses - ideal for more occasional use or for travelling. *Chiambaretta F et al. Eur J Ophthalmol 2017;27(1):1-9. **Schmidl D, Schmetterer L, Witkowska KJ et al. Cornea 2015;34(4):421-6