Intuitive Colorimeter Curve


The Intuitive Colorimeter™ is used extensively by vision professionals to guide patients in selecting a precision tint that reduces discomfort and perceptual distortion.
Cerium Visual TechnologiesDeveloped in partnership with the University of Essex, the Intuitive Colorimeter Curve embodies cutting edge technology, sleek styling, and provides an innovative digital solution for Colorimetry assessment in the modern practice.  Scientifically designed to present sequentially the colours in colour space, allowing a patient to swiftly identify the precision colour to best alleviate their symptoms.   Hear below from colorimetry practitioners who prescribe precision tinted lenses using the digital Curve technology;       “Colorimetry has been a fantastic investment. The clinical benefits are clear and the business case is sound. The success rate has been outstanding.  The Curve was an ideal addition to the practice and allowed us to really shout about.” - Liz Ellis, Benjamin Opticians          “Along with OCT, this is one of the best investments we have made and it is a real asset to the practice.  I would recommend the new curve colorimeter to anyone who is keen to build their practice by helping people with reading difficulties.” - Steve Wright, Malcolm Grey Optometrists       "The new Curve is a delight - aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to use, paper-free and assessments can be done quickly. For the people who benefit from colour the impact on their learning is enormous and as a community practice we feel privileged to be able to offer this valuable service.” - Joy Hynes, Hynes Optometrists, Ealing       "By streamlining the whole technique and allowing patient interaction it has given even more confidence to the subject for a successful outcome.”  - Stephen Wilcox, Stephen Wilcox Optometrists  Start planning your colorimetry launch now by getting in touch with Cerium