tearcheck® is the new smart solution for analysing dry eyes; it is fast, easy, reliable and visual, and fits your practice perfectly as a stand-alone device! With 8 tests performed in less than 10 minutes, tearcheck® is specially tailored to detect dry eyes. Discover two completely new tests for tear film stability and inflammation: TFSE® (Tear Film Stability Evaluation) and OSIE® (Ocular Surface Inflammation Evaluation). tearcheck® also features an interactive customer questionnaire for evaluating eye fitness, 2D / 3D meibography, analysis of eye redness, tear meniscus height, detection of Demodex and the latest addition - incomplete eyelid closure (abortive blinking). With intuitive handling and fully automatic analysis, tearcheck® relies on an intelligent solution for the early detection of impaired visual comfort and dry eyes. Unique user-friendliness via touchscreen, integrated PC, 2 high-resolution cameras, wireless data export and printing, as well as fully automatic recording and image processing make tearcheck® a must-have for efficient dry eye management! Developed and produced by E-Swin (France), tearcheck® is available internationally through the sales partner network of ESW vision, as part of E-Swin Group. tearcheck® is perfectly matching with tearstim, the new eye service device to improve vision comfort. Benefit from post-COVID smart deals combining both devices in your practice by contacting one of our team members and learn more at www.esw-vision.com.