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For over 65 years, CHARMANT  has been renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry. By striving for perfection and for the uncompromising high quality of its products, the Japanese company has developed into one of the most important producers and providers in the highly competitive international ophthalmic optics market. Thanks to our titanium expertise we even develop and produce devices for the medical world and so we have transformed ourselves into more than an eyewear company. 

With its goal to unreservedly fulfil the wishes and demands of its customers, Charmant can always be depended on for the highest quality awareness and outstanding service. This engagement and this passion are clearly seen in Charmant Group house brands: Charmant Titanium Perfection, Ad Lib, Line Art CHARMANT and CHARMANT Z as well as licensed brands: Esprit and ELLE. Thanks to its expertise in the production of high-quality spectacle frames and its comprehensive global sales network in over 100 countries, Charmant Group is greatly respected as a reliable business partner.  

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